Headshots for Businesses

All photos are edited and ready to go! Want more photos? No problem! Additional photo downloads can be purchased for $20 each. Prints may also be made from ANY photo, even the ones you didn’t choose for digital download.

Number of peopleDetailsPrice per personTotal
1 personall photos included, gallery of 4-6$100$100
2-5 people2 photos each chosen from a gallery of 4-6$50$100-250
6-10 people2 photos each chosen from a gallery of 4-6$45$270-450
11+ people1 photo each chosen from a gallery of 3-5$40$440+
11+ people1 photo each chosen by me$25$275+

School Photos

With many schools canceling school picture day, I have decided that for the first time ever, I’ll be offering school photos! These will be affordable and take place at my home near downtown Round Rock on my covered outdoor patio. I will wear a mask and practice social distancing as well as sanitize the chair that the children will sit on. I will also make sure to provide enough time in between clients to make sure that there are no overlaps. Session price is $25 and includes a web-size image. This size image is perfect for sharing with your school’s yearbook coordinator as well as sharing on social media but is not recommended for prints. Photos will be emailed via a private and secure gallery. Prints and packages can be purchased directly from the gallery and packages are as follows:

Basic Photo Package, $15: includes a set of 8 mini prints (1.75″x2.5″), one 4″x6″ print, and two 5″x7″ prints

Classic Photo Package, $25: includes a set of 8 wallet-sized prints (2.5″x3.5″), two 5″x7″ prints, and one 8″x10″ print

Premium Photo Package, $40: includes 24 mini prints (1.75″x2.5″), a set of 4 wallet-sized prints (2.5″x3.5″), two 4″x6″ prints, two 5″x7″ prints, and one 8″x10″ print

Individual prints may also be purchased but packages come with a discount!

Photos will take place on Saturdays, starting October 3rd. Contact me to schedule your child’s session!

Quarantine Edition

What to do when clients are few and far between (more like nonexistent) but I get the itch to do a portrait session? Borrow my daughter’s Barbie of course! I decided to really challenge myself and all these photos were taken in my dining room in the mid-afternoon. Same ambient light conditions. Same location. Just some off camera flash magic and I was able to create a very diverse looking gallery!

Family Session at Sekrit Theater

Family session* at Sekrit Theater in Austin. This was my first time visiting Sekrit theater and it is a photography gold mine. I may or may not be trying to convince my husband to make our garden lot into something similar.

The clients are close friends of mine and they let me do whatever I wanted. They even trusted me to book the location during a time slot that would put half the session in the dark. Thanks to daylight savings, it might as well have been midnight during the last portion of the session. I had to use my flashlight just to get my camera to focus and cross my fingers that my friends’ posing was on point. 

Every single photo was taken using an off-camera strobe and/or speedlight. That’s right. Not a single photo was relying on natural light alone. My gear I had to lug from spot to spot was bulky and cumbersome and I loved every second of it.

*They booked me for a family session but I told them to bring the fire and romance as I’d be doing a lot of couple shots in honor of their ten year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, you cool cats!

Back to School

One of my goals for this year is to book more high school senior sessions. They are so fun! I offer three different high school senior portrait packages.

High School Senior Photos: $200*-500. 

$250: Includes 20 photos with printing rights which the client selects from an online gallery. Additional images with printing rights may be purchased for $20 each. Prints and canvases of ANY image may also be ordered through the online gallery and fulfilled by Miller’s Lab. Photos are taken at 1 location of your choice with the possibility of an outfit change (if the location permits it)

$300: Includes 20 photos with printing rights which the client selects from an online gallery. Additional images with printing rights may be purchased for $20 each. Prints and canvases of ANY image may also be ordered through the online gallery and fulfilled by Miller’s Lab. Photos are taken at 1 location plus a studio portrait session and are scheduled on different dates to easily allow for outfit and hair changes. 

$500: Includes all images (a minimum of 40 photos) with printing rights. Prints and canvases of ANY image may also be ordered through the online gallery and fulfilled by Miller’s lab. Photos are taken at 2 locations plus a studio portrait session.

*For all packages, photos include printing rights, so you are free to print wherever you would like. I also include a friend discount! Have a friend that is graduating who needs senior photos? Have them hire me and bring them along to the session(s) and you’ll each get $50 off! This is a fun way to keep nerves down and it also allows me to shoot two sessions in roughly half the time. Location and date of session(s) must be mutually agreed upon.

Community Garden Fundraiser

My family and I are starting a community garden on the corner of E. Logan Street and Garden Court, a half mile from downtown Round Rock.

We have decided that we are going to make the garden FREE for members of the community to enjoy! To make this happen, we need to build several more garden beds, purchase more soil, add another gate, and install a water collection system so that the gardens can be watered with collected rainwater.  We would also like to add a toolshed as well as a picnic table to make the lot more usable as well as comfortable. We have already put up a fence, one gate, and built four garden beds but all of this costs money.

To help make the community garden a reality, on Sunday, April 14th from 1-5pm,  I will be holding a headshot and portrait event at my home. All proceeds will go toward the garden. For $40, customers will receive two photos. Each session will last up to 15 minutes in length. I want you to LOVE your headshot. Therefore, everyone will receive a gallery of several photos from which they will choose their final two images. Now is your chance to update your website, business cards, or profile. Additional photos may be purchased for $15 each. If all the spots fill, I will consider adding another date at the same promotional pricing. Can’t make the scheduled date? Contact me to book a session any time now through the end of April for $50.

Email me to book your session at kimberly.wickham@icloud.com

Professional Headshots

As I’m preparing to hold a studio headshot event to help raise money for our upcoming community garden, I wanted to take a moment to explain aspect ratios.

I deliver headshots in a 3:2 ratio. You may be thinking, “Why? Aren’t headshots supposed to be in portrait mode and not landscape?” Good question! While most people use their headshots in a traditional, vertically-oriented rectangular crop, delivering photos already cropped down greatly limits how you can use the photo. For example, what if a person wants the entire back of their business card to be a photo of themself? A vertical crop would make that impossible (or force the person to design a nontraditional, vertically-oriented business card). Or, what if they need a square photo for LinkedIn or Facebook? Cropping a portrait mode photo into a square will force you to lose the top and bottom parts of the image rather than the sides, resulting in a tight shot that’s all face (which may work in some cases but not all). Remember: You can always crop an image smaller but once it’s cropped, you’re stuck with it!

By delivering photos in a 3:2 ratio, I give my clients the flexibility to use their headshots how they want to.

original 3:2 aspect ratio
Traditional 8:10 ratio, cropped from the original 3:2 image
Square, cropped from the original 3:2 image
Square, cropped from the already cropped 8:10 image. REMEMBER: You can always opt for a tighter crop but making a square from an already cropped image greatly reduces your options!

New pricing!

I have a confession: I don’t like mini sessions. I am not good at reducing 20-25 really great photos down to just a few. I especially hate having to delete a photo that I think my client may like just because it’s too similar to another. This is why I’m excited to announce that mini session clients can now choose their final six photos from an online gallery. This means clients get to see more of their photos! Clients also have the option to purchase additional photos or even the full gallery, essentially upgrading their mini session to a full. Message me for more info.