Family Session at Sekrit Theater

Family session* at Sekrit Theater in Austin. This was my first time visiting Sekrit theater and it is a photography gold mine. I may or may not be trying to convince my husband to make our garden lot into something similar.

The clients are close friends of mine and they let me do whatever I wanted. They even trusted me to book the location during a time slot that would put half the session in the dark. Thanks to daylight savings, it might as well have been midnight during the last portion of the session. I had to use my flashlight just to get my camera to focus and cross my fingers that my friends’ posing was on point. 

Every single photo was taken using an off-camera strobe and/or speedlight. That’s right. Not a single photo was relying on natural light alone. My gear I had to lug from spot to spot was bulky and cumbersome and I loved every second of it.

*They booked me for a family session but I told them to bring the fire and romance as I’d be doing a lot of couple shots in honor of their ten year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, you cool cats!