Professional Headshots

As I’m preparing to hold a studio headshot event to help raise money for our upcoming community garden, I wanted to take a moment to explain aspect ratios.

I deliver headshots in a 3:2 ratio. You may be thinking, “Why? Aren’t headshots supposed to be in portrait mode and not landscape?” Good question! While most people use their headshots in a traditional, vertically-oriented rectangular crop, delivering photos already cropped down greatly limits how you can use the photo. For example, what if a person wants the entire back of their business card to be a photo of themself? A vertical crop would make that impossible (or force the person to design a nontraditional, vertically-oriented business card). Or, what if they need a square photo for LinkedIn or Facebook? Cropping a portrait mode photo into a square will force you to lose the top and bottom parts of the image rather than the sides, resulting in a tight shot that’s all face (which may work in some cases but not all). Remember: You can always crop an image smaller but once it’s cropped, you’re stuck with it!

By delivering photos in a 3:2 ratio, I give my clients the flexibility to use their headshots how they want to.

original 3:2 aspect ratio
Traditional 8:10 ratio, cropped from the original 3:2 image
Square, cropped from the original 3:2 image
Square, cropped from the already cropped 8:10 image. REMEMBER: You can always opt for a tighter crop but making a square from an already cropped image greatly reduces your options!